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Top 3 Reasons To Build A Skylight Loft Conversion

The easiest way to enjoy more upper space in your house without investing in a bigger property is loft conversion. If the conversion has been well-planned, you can even use the additional storage space below the staircase. Consider your interior design, and choosing the right type of skylight loft conversion will become easier. You can either use the new room as a storage solution or a bedroom. The right design can extend the potential of your house and enhance its resale value.

What Are Skylight Loft Conversions? Why Are They So Popular?

A skylight loft conversion has a very simple structure, and you don’t have to make changes or add to the original loft structure. Loft conversion specialists will add a few skylights to the existing roof structure so that more natural light can enter the loft space. They will board and transform the loft to a plastered finish without adding more head height or width to your property. The objective is to build a new usable space without making many structural alterations. The dark storage space in the loft will transform into a brightly lit new room.

You can build one without changing the core structure of the loft. It is also more affordable than other types of loft conversions. You can enhance the value of your home without punching a hole in your pocket. But before you get in touch with the loft conversion experts at Hocken Loft Company to build a new loft room, know the various benefits offered by skylight loft conversions.

Few Benefits Of A Skylight Loft Conversion Before Designing One

  • Suit Various Properties

You can choose a skylight loft conversion even if your home is located in a heritage zone or a conservation area. These types of conversions don’t have much impact on the surrounding environment. If you have a strict council, approve the necessary planning permission before you start working on your project. Some council has strict rules regarding the types of loft conversions allowed in a specific region.

  • Affordable

How much you have to pay for a skylight loft conversion depends on the type of glazing you want to install and the type of property where you live. Companies offering the service generally quote a price including the cost of removing the old roof, placing a new roof with skylights and refurbishing the interior with a plastered finish. You don’t have to waste your money on making drastic alterations in the roof structure like those required by other loft conversion types.

  • Bespoke Design

Choose a reputable company like Hocken Loft Company and they will craft a suitable design for your skylight loft conversion. They will understand your expectations from the new loft room and customise the design accordingly. A bespoke roof system is an easy way for visually expanding areas with daylight and sky views.

Since there are so many benefits of a skylight loft conversion, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Hocken Loft Company.

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