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Time To Make The Most Of Your Loft Space

The area in your house directly below the roof in the loft. It is also known as an attic. Generally, people use it as a storage room, making it one of the least visited areas in your home. If you want to make the most of the open space, get in touch with a reputable company offering loft conversion services. It is one of the easiest ways to turn the loft into a usable room if you are running out of space in your home. Loft conversion specialists consider various factors when designing the loft so you can make the most of the available space. Most of the lofts are not quite spacious. If you want to utilise the space, time to make the most of your loft space,  you have to follow some space-saving tips.

Utilise The Space Properly

Designing your new loft room will become easier if you consider how you plan to use the space. Include space-saving furniture with high utility. Most homeowners prefer converting the loft into a store-room, study room, bedroom or studio apartment. You can achieve the desired comfort level by paying attention to space utilisation. You have to place all the décor items wisely and make a checklist of all the items you need in that room.

Make Structural Changes If Required

Instead of removing any random structure to bring up more space, hire loft conversion specialists. Generally, they advise removing the extra ceilings and shelves as they are unnecessary but occupy a lot of space. Though converting the loft looks quite easy, it is not so. Hocken Loft Company has almost two decades of experience in converting amazing loft spaces and has a very happy customer base. They know how to design and create loft rooms that can give their customers a more personal touch.

  • Permits – Most of the loft conversion projects don’t require any permission from the concerned authority. You just need to check that the building’s volume is not increasing and you are not adding any structure on the rooftop. Your loft conversion experts will consider your loft conversion design and let you know whether you need any permission from the local authority.
  • Roof – If you want to have better peace of mind and use the new loft room for years, check whether the roof’s support pillars are strong enough. Rafter roofs require more support so that the roof can withstand the extra weight.
  • Staircase – Ignoring the staircase during loft conversion is a strict no-no. Irrespective of the design you are choosing, there should be sufficient space for the staircase. You might end up violating the building regulations if you use makeshift ladders.

It is time to get in touch with the loft conversion experts at Hocken Loft Company.

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