Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

It not only happens in cinemas, especially horror movies, that homeowners hear weird sounds coming out of their loft at night. It is a very common noises in the loft at night that homeowners often experience in real life too.

Nothing can be more frightening than a sharp thud, bump, or hollow clack emanating somewhere in the middle of the night at your home. Though most of these sounds seem ghostly, there are far less ominous reasons for these noises. Often they come from your loft. When you hire a Loft Conversion Company in West Sussex, they will ensure that the installation will be flawless. However, there are some reasons for getting such abnormal sounds from your loft.Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Why Do You Hear Such Noises from Loft?

Improper Insulation and Ventilation

The most common reason for hearing noises from the loft is improper or lack of insulation. When the room is not correctly insulated, air passes through various sources. Besides, there can be night time contraction of building components that can create such weird sounds. You need proper insulation that will be effective in keeping these elements warmer in the night time and prevent the issues of shape-changing that causes such sounds. Proper ventilation also protects the elements from producing or receiving sounds that can create annoying ambiance at night in your home.

Animal Infestation

Rodents or other kinds of wildlife that make your loft their reliable nest can be the source of such noises. You will be amused to see that your loft can be a “sweet home” for animals like rats, squirrels, bats, and wasps. If the noise is created by animals, you should call for professional pest control experts. Improving the insulation of the loft can also be a great solution.

Audible Illusions

In many cases, the sound from the loft is not at all coming from that place. It is nothing but an audible illusion. The large open space helps a tiny sound amplify, and it often creates a noticeable sharp thud.

An expert in loft conversion projects will help you detect the cause of such sounds coming from the loft at night. They can inspect the insulation and ventilation matters to determine what is responsible for this.

A team of competent loft conversion experts can provide you with services that keep your loft perfectly insulated and avoid such noises.

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