How to Pick the Right Kind of Window for Your Loft Conversion Project

How to Increase Usable Space In Your Loft

How to Pick the Right Kind of Window for Your Loft Conversion Project

A loft conversion is one of the most popular and widely approved types of house extension project in Billingshurst and the surrounding areas. The homeowners of these areas often look for trusted loft conversion specialists to get the best service as per their requirements and within their budget.

However, while planning a loft conversion project for your home, you need to focus on various factors. Windows are one of the significant factors of every loft conversion project. You need to determine the right type of windows for your new room. Before that, you need to know how many options you can have for this.

Types of Windows You Can Have in Your Loft

Dormer Windows: They are simply the most common types of windows one can see in the typical British loft conversion projects. They look like a raised box peeking out of the original room to get a view of the outdoor. It has an individual roof structure and located vertically to the loft. It is a kind of roof window.

Gable-End Windows: Unlike the dormer windows, gable-end windows are installed horizontally in the room. They ensure the maximum entry of natural light and can offer you a wide view of the outside landscape. This is considered as the most impressive type of windows which can be used as a decorative feature of the room.

Skylights: These are another common type of windows you can see in most of the loft conversion projects in Cranleigh. As the name suggests, these windows are installed at the slope of the roof. They provide enough natural lights to the room and give it a fresh and bright look. They are located on the ceiling, so there is no way to occupy wall spaces. Hence, you can get more space with such kind of windows in your loft conversions.

How to Choose the Right One

The selection of the right type of windows should depend on a few factors.

  • The purpose of the room
  • The space availability
  • The type of conversion you want
  • The need for natural light inside the room
  • The regulations and approval for the conversion
  • Your budget and desire

Before you hire an expert of loft conversion in Billingshurst and ask for the pricing, you should do a bit of research about such extensions on your own. Know which type of extension is the most cost-effective option for you. You should also have some details about the types of windows you can have. The rest of the information can be passed to you by your loft conversion specialist. They will discuss your needs and budget with you before giving you the quote. These experts can also suggest you the right time of the window you should install in this new room.

Hocken Loft Company is a bright name in the industry of loft conversion in Pulborough and the surrounding localities. We have been serving the local clients for many years. Please give us a call for more details.

Checkout 4 Innovative Uses Of Your New Loft Room

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Checkout 4 Innovative Uses Of Your New Loft Room

If you are planning a loft conversion just to get some extra space in your home, know more about its rules and regulations, costs, heating and glazing options. The first thing you should do if you are planning a loft conversion is to get in touch with a reputed company offering the service in Horsham. They know how to increase the market value of a property by converting the loft. Not only do they create the best loft design to suit your needs but also execute it properly. They might also suggest innovative uses of your new loft room.

Few Ways You Can Utilise Your New Loft Room

  • Master Bedroom

This is one of the most common uses of a new loft room. A modern master bedroom will not only increase the value of your house but you can also make the most of the extra space added. Just don’t forget to add blinds in the bathroom as the light coming through the roof windows can be a bit harsh. A blackout blind will not let light seep from any side of the loft. Professionals offering Loft Conversion Haywards Heath even advice adding storage space for your clothes in the bedroom. You can design loft storage which fits your loft space.

  • Loft Terrace

If you want to increase the value of your home by creating some outdoor space, convert the loft space into a loft terrace. One of the primary benefits of adding a loft terrace is that you can choose from a wide variety of styles and design and add a wow factor to your property. This loft conversion idea is widely preferred by people in Horsham as it allows you to bring the outside in. You can maximise the feeling of space by adding flooring for the exterior and interior.

  • Loft Living Room

An extra living room is something everyone wants as people spend a majority of their time in the living room. If you have older kids in your family and planning a Loft Conversion Burgess Hill, the new living room will give them their own space where they can relax. When converting the new loft room into a new living room, consider using natural light so you can enjoy a beautiful view from high up. Add sliding doors or full-height glazing for an added sense of space.

  • Loft Bar

A majority of the people planning a Loft Conversion Horsham nowadays prefer using the new loft room as a loft bar. One of the primary benefits is that a loft bar can work on a loft space of any size. You can also utilise the angles and slopes of the roof to store the glasses and bottles. You can make your loft bar look more enticing by adding bold colours. Make sure that the design and layout of your home bar match the rest of your house.

Since you can use your new loft room in so many ways, it’s time to plan a loft conversion.

4 Unique Loft Designs You Will Definitely Love

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4 Unique Loft Designs You Will Definitely Love

Though you can choose from a wide variety of home extension, the demand for loft conversions is always quite high. It is one of the easiest ways you can add some extra space in your house without making major structural changes. How much additional space you will get is dependent on the style of the extension and type of house you live. When compared with other types of home extension services, loft conversion ensures minimal disruption. You can also choose from a wide variety of loft designs to match your home decor.

The Latest Loft Design Ideas Which Can Impress Anyone

  • Vertical Lofts

If you want to create a contemporary loft in your dilapidated residence, choose vertical lofts. They have gained much popularity in the last few years as it is one of the easiest ways you can rejuvenate, renovate and reinvent the space. The loft will have a series of areas which you can use in a wide variety of ways. You can even design and build a bespoke vertical loft which fits your requirements. If you want to build lofts Pulborough without walls, the focus of your architect will be on organising the space.

  • Contemporary Loft Apartment

Want to renovate your old office unit? Get in touch with professionals offering Loft Conversion in Billingshurst and ask them to design a contemporary loft apartment. They know the various ways an old office unit can be transformed into a beautiful home. You just have to stay prepared for some major structural changes in the space. As far as the loft design is concerned, it is advisable to go for the chic industrial look. You can create an outdoor verandah by getting rid of a few walls.

  • Three-Bedroom Loft

The three bedroom lofts have also gained much popularity in the last few years as you can use the bedrooms for a wide variety of purposes. An experienced loft conversion company will ensure that the transformation is both spectacular and functional. Choose industrial interior decor when designing the loft and make sure you include 1-2 bathrooms as well. Constructing a three-bedroom loft will be a wise idea only if your attic covers a total area of 3000 square feet or more. You can boost the appeal of the bedroom by including bold accents and vibrant colours in its interior design.

  • Tribeca Loft

The Tribeca Loft design is widely preferred by homeowners who want to transform their dull loft into a bold and colourful space.  You just have to stay prepared for some major changes in its structure. The best design for your Tribeca loft is the one which offers the perfect blend of industrial and classic influences and details. You can complement the colourful and cheerful decor with the cast-iron pillars. The new loft room can be used as a dining space, living room, library or office.


Time to choose one of the loft design ideas stated above and get in touch experienced professionals offering Loft Conversion in Burgess Hill.

4 Common Mistakes of Loft Conversion Project Homeowners Often Make

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4 Common Mistakes of Loft Conversion Project Homeowners Often Make

Conversion of the loft into a stylish room is not easy. It demands a lot of planning, preparation, selection of the right materials and flawless execution. Though some people try it as a DIY project; it should be handled by the experienced and skilled professionals only. Otherwise, mistakes will be made, and that can cost you a lot.

There are some common mistakes that most of the homeowners make while working on a loft conversion project in West Sussex.

Common Loft Conversion Mistakes

  • Poor and Impractical Design

There are high chances of having a design for the loft conversion that will go terribly wrong. This is because of impractical thinking and poor layout. While planning the design, you need to keep the size and the shape of the loft in mind. You should consult the specialists of loft conversion in Burgess Hill for suggestions. They have the right experience to give you the best ideas about the design of the loft that can fulfil your requirements and match the shape and size of the loft perfectly.

  • Not Thinking About Storage Space

No matter whether you wish to convert your loft into a stylish bedroom for the guests or a remarkable home office or a beautiful playroom for the kids; there has to be enough storage space for the items you will keep in that room. Not thinking about the right storage space is another big and common mistake made by most of the homeowners while working on a loft conversion. You need to measure and calculate the height and width of the loft to understand how many furnishings you can have inside that room. The wrong measurement can cause big issues later.

  • Wrong Choice of Contractor

You need to choose the best loft conversion West Sussex or loft conversion contractor of your area to obtain a flawless service. Sometimes, the homeowners look for a cheap rate and get a cheap service in return. This is not correct. You should look for a reliable, experienced and efficient loft conversion specialist who can offer you the right service at an affordable cost. They have the experience and skill to work on different types of projects. These experts will suggest you the best design layout for your loft conversion project as per the size, height and shape of this space. They know how to utilise the space and what types of windows will suit this room as per your needs.

  • Poor Insulation System

While working on lofts henfield, you need to focus on the insulation system of the same. Poor insulation system will make the room not very ideal for your use. The right insulation system will keep it comfortable and cosy throughout the year. Besides, you will not feel disturbed by the outside noise when you have the right insulation system in the loft.

You can consider hiring Hocken Loft Company for the flawless conversion of the loft. We have vast experience and high skill for this job. We can transform your loft into a beautifully designed room.

Why Loft Conversion is a Good Idea for Extending Space in Your Home

Loft Conversion Haywards Heath

Why Loft Conversion is a Good Idea for Extending Space in Your Home

There are lots of homeowners in Horsham who wish to extend their home or add some more space to the existing structure to solve their immediate space requirement. For them, converting the loft into a functional and stylish room can be a great idea.

The loft is one of those places in the house which can be used for many purposes if rightly planned; but unfortunately, most of the time we neglect it. Once you are aware of the versatile ideas of using the loft after the conversion, you cannot say NO to this option.

Here is Why Loft Conversion is a Good Idea

It is an Economic Decision

Instead of extending the house by adding more rooms or installing an orangery or conservatory; loft conversion is a more cost-effective idea for most of the homeowners. A loft conversion does not demand huge money. You can convert your old loft into a new bedroom or a chic TV room within your budget.

Add More Space

The requirement of more space increases in your home with the passing course of time. As your family extends and you make new friends, there are the needs of some extra space apart from the one you are currently living in. This is the reason you need to convert the loft into a guest bedroom or kid’s room or playroom. The experts of loft conversion in Haywards Heath always suggest using this space as more as you can to fulfil your space requirements.

Add More Value

A house with a beautifully designed, well-built and well-maintained loft is considered a more valuable product in the real estate market than a house without this feature. When you hire the experts of loft conversion, they know how to build it so that the loft can add more value to your property.

Easy to Build

In comparison to the complete home extension, a loft conversion Horsham is easy to build. You do not need full planning permission. The loft conversion experts are aware of the kind of permission you need for such extensions. You can change the look and feel of your loft with the help of these experts.

Whenever you plan to sale your house, you can get a good price for the well-built loft you have in the same. Besides, your next generation can have an added space to use in their life without any expenditure.

Whenever you think about a loft conversion, consider the name of Hocken Loft Company. We have more than 18 years of experience in this field. We know how an ordinary or shabby looking lofts Pulborough can be transformed into a smart, beautiful and alluring room.