Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

It not only happens in cinemas, especially horror movies, that homeowners hear weird sounds coming out of their loft at night. It is a very common noises in the loft at night that homeowners often experience in real life too.

Nothing can be more frightening than a sharp thud, bump, or hollow clack emanating somewhere in the middle of the night at your home. Though most of these sounds seem ghostly, there are far less ominous reasons for these noises. Often they come from your loft. When you hire a Loft Conversion Company in West Sussex, they will ensure that the installation will be flawless. However, there are some reasons for getting such abnormal sounds from your loft.Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Why Do You Hear Such Noises from Loft?

Improper Insulation and Ventilation

The most common reason for hearing noises from the loft is improper or lack of insulation. When the room is not correctly insulated, air passes through various sources. Besides, there can be night time contraction of building components that can create such weird sounds. You need proper insulation that will be effective in keeping these elements warmer in the night time and prevent the issues of shape-changing that causes such sounds. Proper ventilation also protects the elements from producing or receiving sounds that can create annoying ambiance at night in your home.

Animal Infestation

Rodents or other kinds of wildlife that make your loft their reliable nest can be the source of such noises. You will be amused to see that your loft can be a “sweet home” for animals like rats, squirrels, bats, and wasps. If the noise is created by animals, you should call for professional pest control experts. Improving the insulation of the loft can also be a great solution.

Audible Illusions

In many cases, the sound from the loft is not at all coming from that place. It is nothing but an audible illusion. The large open space helps a tiny sound amplify, and it often creates a noticeable sharp thud.

An expert in loft conversion projects will help you detect the cause of such sounds coming from the loft at night. They can inspect the insulation and ventilation matters to determine what is responsible for this.

A team of competent loft conversion experts can provide you with services that keep your loft perfectly insulated and avoid such noises.

Hocken Loft Company is a reputable name in the industry of loft conversions in West Sussex and adjoining areas. You can obtain flawless loft conversion and repairs services from our experts.

Please get in touch with us to know in detail about all our services.

Time To Choose The Right Storage Option During Loft Conversion

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Time To Choose The Right Storage Option During Loft Conversion

Want to add more space to your home without exceeding the budget of your home extension project? Invest in loft conversion services. You can transform the loft into a usable room and use it for various purposes. To make the most of your loft conversion services, you have to consider various factors. One of them is the storage option. Discuss your storage needs with your loft conversion specialists, and they will help you choose the right storage option during loft conversion without exceeding the budget of your project.

If you have already started using the loft for storage, the professional can help you make some changes in the storage space according to your convenience. Some of the storage options are quite creative and can enhance the appeal and value of the entire loft. Your belongings will be safe, even if they are out of your sight. If you plan to sell your home, board your loft and your property will become more attractive to potential buyers.

How To Include Storage Space In A New Loft?

Get in touch with a reputed company for loft conversions in Burgess Hill as their designers have years of experience in including storage space in various types of loft. It is advisable to fit cupboards which you can use to store various items. Loft conversion specialists always choose a smart and compact storage option where feasible. The storage space will be out of view, and there will be sufficient loft space for the furniture in your room. Build the cupboard in such a way so that you can make complete utilisation of the dead space under the eave.

Choose A Stylish Storage

Even if you want to include the most expensive storage space in your loft, make sure you don’t end up exceeding your loft conversion budget. Recently, there has been an increase in the demand for bespoke carpentry fittings as they can give your loft room a more stylish look. You can also customise the furniture to fit your room if the loft has an odd space with multiple sloping eaves.

If you can’t fit the traditional shelves, add wardrobes in the tricky space. The loft room will get a highly personalised look. You can also give it a gorgeous look by including a few stunning custom wardrobes and drawers which you can easily fit against the eave’s slope. Homeowners in Burgess Hill prefer including custom wardrobes and drawers as it helps them to make the most of the loft space.

If you want to make the most of your new loft room, get in touch with a reputed loft conversion company and include a bespoke storage solution. You can add a walk-in wardrobe if you generally need a lot of space for your clothes. Get in touch with the loft conversion specialists at Hocken Loft Company for more creative storage solutions.

Time To Make The Most Of Your Loft Space

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Time To Make The Most Of Your Loft Space

The area in your house directly below the roof in the loft. It is also known as an attic. Generally, people use it as a storage room, making it one of the least visited areas in your home. If you want to make the most of the open space, get in touch with a reputable company offering loft conversion services. It is one of the easiest ways to turn the loft into a usable room if you are running out of space in your home. Loft conversion specialists consider various factors when designing the loft so you can make the most of the available space. Most of the lofts are not quite spacious. If you want to utilise the space, time to make the most of your loft space,  you have to follow some space-saving tips.

Utilise The Space Properly

Designing your new loft room will become easier if you consider how you plan to use the space. Include space-saving furniture with high utility. Most homeowners prefer converting the loft into a store-room, study room, bedroom or studio apartment. You can achieve the desired comfort level by paying attention to space utilisation. You have to place all the décor items wisely and make a checklist of all the items you need in that room.

Make Structural Changes If Required

Instead of removing any random structure to bring up more space, hire loft conversion specialists. Generally, they advise removing the extra ceilings and shelves as they are unnecessary but occupy a lot of space. Though converting the loft looks quite easy, it is not so. Hocken Loft Company has almost two decades of experience in converting amazing loft spaces and has a very happy customer base. They know how to design and create loft rooms that can give their customers a more personal touch.

  • Permits – Most of the loft conversion projects don’t require any permission from the concerned authority. You just need to check that the building’s volume is not increasing and you are not adding any structure on the rooftop. Your loft conversion experts will consider your loft conversion design and let you know whether you need any permission from the local authority.
  • Roof – If you want to have better peace of mind and use the new loft room for years, check whether the roof’s support pillars are strong enough. Rafter roofs require more support so that the roof can withstand the extra weight.
  • Staircase – Ignoring the staircase during loft conversion is a strict no-no. Irrespective of the design you are choosing, there should be sufficient space for the staircase. You might end up violating the building regulations if you use makeshift ladders.

It is time to get in touch with the loft conversion experts at Hocken Loft Company.

Simple Process of Loft Conversion During Lockdown

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Simple Process of Loft Conversion During Lockdown

The covid-19 pandemic has put the world to a complete stop. All industries, companies, and services have come to a standstill because of the lockdown. However, needs have continued to grow over time, and there’s no way to end the same. Loft conversion especially became a trending service in the home construction industry during the pandemic. As people had to resort to the indoors for months and years, the need for extra space increased.

However, many house owners were concerned about the construction companies’ safety protocols for a lockdown loft conversion. People started calling builders for loft conversions instead of buying new houses, which was a costly option considering the financial crunch after lockdown.

Unlike the normal times, the builders had to follow strict regulations and restrictions while building lofts for domestic purposes. Here are the changing processes that are being followed for loft conversion during the lockdown.

Virtual Site Inspection

Generally, to build a loft, the builders visit the property for site inspection. However, social distancing guidelines don’t permit them to go into any house, considering the current situation. Hence, they have arranged virtual zoom calls with the clients to check the sites. The surveyors instruct the homeowners over the video call to take measurements and mention the same so that the design can be finalised.

Longer Timescale

Keeping in mind the situation of lockdown, the builders have taken longer time slots to complete the loft conversion projects. They are mentioning the same in the contract so that later no arguments take place regarding the same. A longer timescale also ensures that loft conversion is done following all the pandemic restrictions.

Virtual Designs and Planning

After the pandemic, the builders have been trying to communicate with the clients through video, audio, and email communication channels during the lockdown. You can now send your design ideas over the mail and fix a meeting with the builder virtually. Considering the frequent lockdown and pandemic luring over the lives of thousands, this is the most common and safe practice.

Extra Precautions

Unlike past times, now the builders are following extra safety precautions, especially for workers traveling to different client’s places for loft conversions. They have trained the workforce to follow social distancing norms, use masks and sanitisers while working, and wear clean clothes for construction purposes. Moreover, they have been instructed to keep away from the children and the older adults of the house to avoid contamination of the disease.

Hocken Loft Company has been making amazing loft conversions over the last 18 years. We are following full restrictions and delivering a safe construction process for all types of loft conversions during the lockdown. Hire our experts and receive excellent results.

Ideas To Make Your Loft Room More Comfortable

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Ideas To Make Your Loft Room More Comfortable

If you are planning to construct a new loft room and want to make the most of the new space, make sure you choose the right loft conversion company. Though every company offering the service in Haywards Heath will claim to be the best in the industry, it is your responsibility to look for someone with years of industry presence. They should have skilled and trained loft conversion specialists. They will create a loft room that matches your expectations and ensure that it is comfortable and relaxing.

Want To Make Your Loft Room More Comfortable? 3 Things To Consider

  • Windows

Loft conversion specialists generally advise installing glazing windows in a loft room as the layer of inert glass between the glass plates acts as a sound barrier. You will have the perfect place to relax without worrying about people walking by or the bustling of cars. In other words, double glazing will soundproof your loft room. Once natural light starts entering the room through the windows, it will turn into a paradise.

  • Air

Experienced loft conversion specialists know why you need more fresh air in your loft room. If possible, install a few large windows which allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home. Not only can you breathe better but also feel better. You can also buy a good dehumidifier and put it in the room. It will improve air quality instantly.

  • Plants

Put a few plants in colourful tops and place them near the windows in your loft room. Not only will they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, but you can reap numerous health benefits. They will make the air in the room pure by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. The importance of clean air is something you should never overlook.

  • Floor

The type of floor you are installing in the loft room is as essential as the air quality. You can either install hard laminate floors or install carpets. The former looks nice, while the latter provides a soft ground where you can walk barefoot. Though you can fully carpet the room, it might punch a hole in your pocket. A better alternative is to put some indulgent rugs on the hard floor.

These being said, it’s time you consider the points stated above, and you can make your new loft room more comfortable.

The Benefits of Loft Conversion at the Same Time as Your Neighbour

Loft Conversion West Sussex

The Benefits of Loft Conversion at the Same Time as Your Neighbour

Before beginning any construction or extension work within your property, you should wonder about its effect on your neighbours. The unending noise, mess and movement around the compound can upset them or create disputes. This is where you should consider the multiple benefits of carrying out construction work at the same time. As neighbours, you can plan your loft conversion together, availing help from reliable companies for loft conversion in Sussex.   


Advantages of Loft Conversion with your Neighbours


  1. Easy settlement on the party wall 

This is one of the significant sticking points while deciding to proceed with a loft conversion. You must obtain an agreement for a party wall between you and your neighbours. It is a document outlining the limitations of work allowed on the wall standing between the two properties. Without this, all work will remain incomplete. In case you both want to make modifications to this party wall, you have to be settled with an agreement. Consequently, the construction process can continue at full speed.  

  1. Discounts in the project 

Once you plan and share the loft conversion work with your neighbour, you can allocate the work to the same professional company. The same team will work on two projects/properties simultaneously. This way, you can avail of multiple discounts and benefits. If needed, speak to the surveyor and discuss the assignment. Any good company should focus on both properties equally, ensuring quality work and outcome.    

  1. Reduced disruption 

A primary concern after investing in a loft conversion project is the disruption it causes to the neighbours. The noise creates extreme trouble, as they get upset and frustrated over time. So, planning the work together helps maintain harmony and peace between both parties. Each one of you enjoy the satisfactory results that come with seamless loft conversion operations to make a home office.

  1. Increased success 

On reaching a shared agreement with your neighbour, the success of the project increases manifold. After building proper planning for the work, you can divide the cost of materials and other requirements together. Moreover, you can also consult each other about the design, pattern etc.  

  1. Increased efficiency 

When both neighbours start their loft conversion work together, they can consult and decide on the company before hiring one. After checking the brand and its reputation, you can assure quality construction services for your property.   

At Hocken Loft Company, we work with a team of loft conversion specialists with more than two decades of experience. From conception to completion, we customise designs to suit your requirements and budget. 


4 Unique Ways To Light Up Your New Loft Room

How to Increase Usable Space In Your Loft

4 Unique Ways To Light Up Your New Loft Room

If you are one of those homeowners who think that lofts are all about small and dark places, it’s high time you debunk the myth. One of the primary benefits of choosing an experienced company for a loft conversion is that they will let you choose from a wide variety of lighting options for this room. You can either include natural or artificial lights in the loft design according to your preference and budget. Look for loft conversion experts with years of industry presence as they know how to transform an unloved space into an additional room which you can use for various purposes.

Common Lighting Options For Your Loft Conversion

  • Skylights

If you are looking for a window option which will allow more natural light to enter the new room, skylights can be the best choice. The more natural light can enter the loft, it will look more spacious. Loft conversion experts West Sussex generally advise homeowners to position them over the vital areas of a room. Few of the common places where you can install skylights are the play area in your child’s bedroom or over the desk in your teenager’s bedroom.

  • Juliet Balconies

Want your guests to watch the romantic sunset or sunrise from the comfort of your loft bedroom? Juliet balconies can be one of the most romantic options. You can enjoy some of the most stunning views outside your property. It will also allow more natural light to enter your rooms and reduce your energy bills. For homeowners willing to create a magical night ambience in the Juliet balcony can decorate it with fairy lights.

  • Downlights

If you are looking for an artificial lighting option for your loft room, try downlights. They have become quite popular nowadays as they can easily complement other natural lighting options. They resemble miniature spotlights directing light downwards and creating a well-lit space. You can even use mirrors to make the room look brighter. They reflect the direct light around the room and make it look livelier even if you have a pale colour scheme.

  • LED Strip Lights

Experts at the loft company might advice you to include LED strip lights in the design if you have a tight budget. They offer the perfect blend of affordability and adventure. Irrespective of the size of your loft, you can enhance its appeal drastically with a few mounted LED strip lights. They are available in a wide variety colours so you can choose something bright for your child’s room. They can even be mounted behind furniture with ease.

Since there are so many natural and artificial lighting options for your loft room, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Hocken Loft Company.

Planning A Loft Conversion? Board One Or Build One

Loft Conversion Haywards Heath

Planning A Loft Conversion? Board One Or Build One

If you have recently moved into a new home and its size is not good enough for you, it’s time for a loft conversion. You will gain extra space in your home by turning the loft into a usable room. It is a more cost-effective option than moving into a new home. You can utilise the free space to your advantage. Since a few homeowners think that boarding the loft is a cheaper option, let’s debunk the myth.

How To Board A Loft?

Loft boarding is basically the process through which load-bearing planks are placed over the loft’s hoists. The objective is to create a strong floor which can bear weight. You can walk around the loft or store items. You don’t even have to worry about those items falling through the ceiling. Boarding a loft is a cheaper process than a loft conversion. Some homeowners even try to undertake the task themselves so they can save a few extra pounds. It is not a wise thing to do as working at a height is quite dangerous. A better alternative is to hire an expert for the task.

Why Boarding Your Loft Space Is Not Advisable?

If you are planning to just board your loft space instead of converting it, you might have to face some limitations. Though it can bear weight and offer you better access to the loft’s corners, it won’t increase the available head height. Unless there is adequate headspace in the loft, you can’t create a usable room or move around safely. You can’t even increase the amount of useable floor by boarding your loft. There will be limitations because of the sloping eaves of the roof structure.

Moreover, following the wrong boarding process can even damage the loft space. Sometimes, the installer might even use wood to cover the insulation. It acts as a thermal bridge and compresses the insulation. As a result, moisture starts collecting and creates damp issues in your home. You have to spend a lot of money to repair the damp damage.

Why Is Loft Conversion A Better Alternative?

If you just want to create some useable storage space in your loft, boarding it professionally will be a wise decision. But if you want more from the loft, get in touch with a reputable company offering Loft Conversion in Haywards Heath. The experts will consider the space you have in the loft and craft a suitable design so that you don’t have to waste space under the eaves. A proper loft conversion can enhance the value of your property by almost 20%.

On the other hand, boarding the loft, is a form of home renovation which merely helps in adding more space to your property. The cost of having it will also be greater than the benefits you can reap. There is no use wasting your money to install lighting fixtures or storage if you can reap more benefits with a loft conversion. Whether you are planning to board your loft or convert it, get in touch with the right expert and they will let you know all the available options.

Why Choose Hocken Loft Company For Loft Conversion?

Hocken Loft Company specialises in creating new living space which can reflect your personality. They have almost 2 decades of experience in the field and have created a work ethic that has filtered to all employees. The lofts designed by them are both appealing and functional. Converting your loft will become easier with them by your side.

How to Choose the Most Efficient Loft Conversion Specialist

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How to Choose the Most Efficient Loft Conversion Specialist

Whenever you think about a home extension, a loft conversion can offer more than you think. It is one of the most efficient types of property conversion that can add value to your home. However, the success of your loft conversion projects depends on the skill and experience of your loft conversion specialist. 

There are certain factors that determine the standard of a loft conversion specialist. You need to identify these factors before choosing a company that offers this service in Haywards Heath and surrounding areas.

  • A Good Reputation in the Local Market

Look for companies working in your neighbourhood. Ask your neighbours who are working on their loft conversion project? Get the name of the companies that are doing great in your locality. A loft conversion company with a nice local reputation can deliver you the desired result. Since they are already famous in your locality; they will always try to keep their reputation and brand value intact.

  • Check Their Latest Projects

While interviewing your potential loft conversion contractors in West Sussex, you should ask them a few questions related to their latest projects. If possible, visit the sites personally. At least ask them to show the “Before-After” pictures of those projects. Talk to their previous clients to get a recommendation.

  • Check Guarantees and Insurance

A loft conversion company without insurance and guaranteed service is not worthy of trying. You may end up spending a lot of money when you hire such service providers. Always look for loft conversion specialists who offer guaranteed works with full insurance coverage.

  • Discuss Their Key Features

Every company has some key features that make them unique and reliable. Some construction companies employ a dedicated project manager for every loft conversion assignment. Some of these companies even help clients with planning permission. 

Hocken Loft Company is a bright name in the industry of loft conversion in Haywards Heath. We deliver quality work with a touch of individuality. Your loft can be converted into a stylish room by our experts. From designing the layout to final execution – we are here to make every step easy for you.

Please get in touch with us for complete information related to our services.

4 Common Types Of Loft Bathrooms You Can Choose From

Loft Conversion Billingshurst_Hocken Loft Company

4 Common Types Of Loft Bathrooms You Can Choose From

Having an extra bathroom in your house is always beneficial, irrespective of the size of your family. You can use it as a shower room, an en-suite or a full family bathroom. A majority of the people planning a loft conversion in Billingshurst prefer adding an extra bathroom to their home. Since the available space is limited, loft conversion experts should know how to design and utilise the space properly. A space-saving, inspiring and luxurious bathroom is something every homeowner looks for.

Check Out The Common Types Of Loft Bathrooms

  • Vintage

If you want to create a bold retro statement in your house, a compact en-suite bathroom with vintage-inspired floor tiles will be the right choice. It will make the floor appear larger. White wall tiles will not only make your bathroom look cleaner and simpler but also reduce the tiling costs drastically. A primary thing you have to consider when designing a vintage bathroom is the accessories. If possible, buy an antique stand or a vintage mirror.

  • Shower Room

If your new loft room is too small, you can create a shower room instead of a bath. A beautifully designed shower room can enhance the value of your property. If sufficient space is available, you can also create a large and luxurious shower area. Take a bath and you will feel more revitalised and refreshed after a hectic day at your workplace. If you think that there isn’t sufficient light in the bathroom space, you can install a ceiling window. It will make the space look larger and the room will feel airy.

  • Space Saving

Choose the right company for Loft Conversion in Horsham and they will help you create a beautiful loft bathroom even if the space is too small. If you have created an en-suite bathroom, put the bath under the eaves or create a bath/shower combo to maximise the space. A vintage-inspired skylight will allow more natural daylight to enter your room and give it character. You can also render the space a touch of your personality.

  • Full Attic Bathroom

Let the company offering loft conversion in West Sussex know that you are willing to create an attic bathroom and they will characterise it with compact spaces. A large luxurious full bathroom suite will become the perfect space for you to unwind. You can even ask the designer to incorporate a freestanding bath or a large double shower. An oversized skylight will flood your bathroom with natural light.

Since you are now aware of the common types of loft bathrooms, it’s time you get in touch with Hocken Loft Company.