Know Every Nook and Cranny of Loft Conversions

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Know Every Nook and Cranny of Loft Conversions

Lofts are often remained unnoticed and unused due to a lack of information. Once you know how interestingly you can use this part of your home to solve your space issues, you will be amazed. A loft conversion project needs proper planning so that every corner of this place can be utilised rightly and fulfil your requirements of extra usable space in a home.

When you hire the experts of Hocken Loft Company, none of the space required to be wasted in your loft conversions project in Sussex.

Loft Conversions with Different Shapes and Sizes

You can find lofts with different shapes and sizes. Such vividness can create challenges for loft conversion specialists to get the right pattern for a room or a usable space. Whether it is the ceiling or the nook of a wall or the space between a cavity of a wall and the ceiling – these experts know how to utilize every corner of your loft to create something highly valuable and practically designed for your family.

Create Ensuite Bathroom

If you wish to use the converted loft as a bedroom for your guests or teenage children, you should have an attached bathroom. The cavity wall space is commonly used in a loft conversion project to create beautiful shower shelves with a smart bathroom and toilet.

Under-Eaves Storage

If you wish to create under-eaves storage in your loft room, these specialists will help you to get odd-shaped doors to fit these storage units. These storage units can be used for keeping your laundry, study nook, or Kitchenette. You can choose the design and shape of your under-eaves storage as per your requirements and available space.

Perfect Design for Better Space Utilisation

When you come to Hocken Loft Company, we offer you a wide range of designs created according to your budget and requirements. These loft conversion experts work closely with the clients to understand their core requirements. They also inspect the loft thoroughly before starting the project to get a clear idea about the available space. Every nook and cranny of your loft conversion project will be discussed with you before starting the job.

How to Utilise the Space?

A loft conversion will increase the space in your home. You will have a brand new room which can be used for several purposes. From a kids’ room to a guest bedroom and from a home office to a beautiful kitchen – your loft can be anything and everything that you wish to have in your house.

At Hocken Loft Company, we have been working in this trade for several years. Our experts have vast experience in working with different types of clients with vivid requirements.

Please get in touch with us to know in detail about our services and book a free quote.

Create A Home Office To Enhance Your Property’s Value

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Create A Home Office To Enhance Your Property’s Value

National lockdowns have been in place across the UK for the last few months. No wonder, the demand for a designated home office has become quite high. Though you can even work on your laptop at the dining table or the kitchen, concentrating might become a challenge for you. Remote working is psychologically draining and you need self-control to focus on your work.

Creating a separate space where you can work is always advisable. You will be surprised to know that even estate agents feel that a house with a home office is selling faster. If you have sufficient space in your home or unused loft space, it is the right time to convert it into a home office. There are numerous loft conversion companies scattered all over the UK that can make the conversion process easier for you.

Don’t Have Extra Space For A Home Office?

Working from home is more complicated than you think. You have to adapt to new technologies, change the form of communication with your colleagues and managers, resist distractions from your family members and prevent yourself from getting involved in mundane household activities. Overcoming these demands can reduce your mental energy level unless you are working from a home office.

Most people don’t have a separate room in their home that they can use as an office. Building a beautiful loft conversion is one of the easiest ways to get an extra area to serve whatever purpose you need it for, including a home office. You can make the transition from working in an office to working from home less challenging by transforming the loft into a home office. Remote working has increased productivity levels as employees love the flexibility of working from home.

Build A Versatile Home Office

The primary benefit of converting the loft into a home office is that you can use the loft space for various purposes besides official work. Experienced loft conversion specialists will help you design a multi-functional loft room that you can use both as an office and a bedroom by incorporating a bed or a study space. In other words, you can reap the benefits of two rooms at the price of one.

Hire Experts For Loft Conversion

If you plan to build a new home office, get in touch with Hocken Loft Company and convert the loft. They will help you maximise the space in your home and add significant value to your property. Let their loft conversion experts know the room’s purpose and it will become easier for them to choose the right design for your home office. Their experts know how to make the whole process from sales to completion seamless.

Essential Facts about Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Essential Facts about Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

Do you have no extra space left for making a loft? No worries opt for a hip to gable loft conversion. Loft conversion companies prefer this type of extension as hipped roofs make extra room for new lofts. You might usually see houses with “A” shaped roofs. However, if you are smart enough, then a hip to gable loft conversion will help you get extra headroom for your loft. Hence, this is a technique to make your loft look spacious.

For outstanding and flawless hip to a gable loft conversion, you must visit an experienced loft company. Hocken Loft Company is a reliable name in this prospect. By hiring their builders, you’ll get the option of customizing your loft conversion as per your needs. You’ll certainly be overwhelmed with the outcome!

Why is Hip to Gable Loft Conversion Good?

Generally, if you have a hipped roof, then the headspace of the loft room tends to get reduced. However, a slight change in the roof structure using a gable style can increase the space, and your loft will become usable. However, if you’re worried about the building regulations part, then you can take a sigh of relief! Loft conversion specialists can do all this within allotted property measurements.

When done correctly, they will perfectly match any house structure. It will look like the conversion was already present for a long time. Now you can enjoy clear headroom within your loft, and there’s no fear of getting your head banged on the ceiling.

How to Design this Loft Conversion Style?

  • Original loft height

What is the height of your loft? This is a crucial thing you need to keep in mind before spending money for a loft conversion. If the original head height is less than 2.3 meters, it’s irrelevant to change the loft-style. You will waste a lot of money, but the gable conversion will still not help you get extra headspace in your loft.  Hence keep this in mind while designing your loft conversion.

  • Loft accessibility

Another thing that you must keep in mind before opting for the hip to gable conversion is the accessibility process of the loft. Since it is situated on the rooftop, you definitely will require a staircase to climb up. Moreover, check whether enough space is available to place the staircase below. In case the same is not available, don’t waste money on the hip to gable conversions.

  • Use of the loft

Why do you want the loft? How will you use it? Without answers to these questions, your conversion is unsuccessful. Usually, people prefer making the same as a bedroom, a guest room, kid’s playroom, etc. However, if you think any type of loft is suitable for any purpose, then you’re wrong. The loft conversion specialists will notify you about the different criteria for the same.