Simple Process of Loft Conversion During Lockdown

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Simple Process of Loft Conversion During Lockdown

The covid-19 pandemic has put the world to a complete stop. All industries, companies, and services have come to a standstill because of the lockdown. However, needs have continued to grow over time, and there’s no way to end the same. Loft conversion especially became a trending service in the home construction industry during the pandemic. As people had to resort to the indoors for months and years, the need for extra space increased.

However, many house owners were concerned about the construction companies’ safety protocols for a lockdown loft conversion. People started calling builders for loft conversions instead of buying new houses, which was a costly option considering the financial crunch after lockdown.

Unlike the normal times, the builders had to follow strict regulations and restrictions while building lofts for domestic purposes. Here are the changing processes that are being followed for loft conversion during the lockdown.

Virtual Site Inspection

Generally, to build a loft, the builders visit the property for site inspection. However, social distancing guidelines don’t permit them to go into any house, considering the current situation. Hence, they have arranged virtual zoom calls with the clients to check the sites. The surveyors instruct the homeowners over the video call to take measurements and mention the same so that the design can be finalised.

Longer Timescale

Keeping in mind the situation of lockdown, the builders have taken longer time slots to complete the loft conversion projects. They are mentioning the same in the contract so that later no arguments take place regarding the same. A longer timescale also ensures that loft conversion is done following all the pandemic restrictions.

Virtual Designs and Planning

After the pandemic, the builders have been trying to communicate with the clients through video, audio, and email communication channels during the lockdown. You can now send your design ideas over the mail and fix a meeting with the builder virtually. Considering the frequent lockdown and pandemic luring over the lives of thousands, this is the most common and safe practice.

Extra Precautions

Unlike past times, now the builders are following extra safety precautions, especially for workers traveling to different client’s places for loft conversions. They have trained the workforce to follow social distancing norms, use masks and sanitisers while working, and wear clean clothes for construction purposes. Moreover, they have been instructed to keep away from the children and the older adults of the house to avoid contamination of the disease.

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