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Planning A Loft Conversion? Board One Or Build One

If you have recently moved into a new home and its size is not good enough for you, it’s time for a loft conversion. You will gain extra space in your home by turning the loft into a usable room. It is a more cost-effective option than moving into a new home. You can utilise the free space to your advantage. Since a few homeowners think that boarding the loft is a cheaper option, let’s debunk the myth.

How To Board A Loft?

Loft boarding is basically the process through which load-bearing planks are placed over the loft’s hoists. The objective is to create a strong floor which can bear weight. You can walk around the loft or store items. You don’t even have to worry about those items falling through the ceiling. Boarding a loft is a cheaper process than a loft conversion. Some homeowners even try to undertake the task themselves so they can save a few extra pounds. It is not a wise thing to do as working at a height is quite dangerous. A better alternative is to hire an expert for the task.

Why Boarding Your Loft Space Is Not Advisable?

If you are planning to just board your loft space instead of converting it, you might have to face some limitations. Though it can bear weight and offer you better access to the loft’s corners, it won’t increase the available head height. Unless there is adequate headspace in the loft, you can’t create a usable room or move around safely. You can’t even increase the amount of useable floor by boarding your loft. There will be limitations because of the sloping eaves of the roof structure.

Moreover, following the wrong boarding process can even damage the loft space. Sometimes, the installer might even use wood to cover the insulation. It acts as a thermal bridge and compresses the insulation. As a result, moisture starts collecting and creates damp issues in your home. You have to spend a lot of money to repair the damp damage.

Why Is Loft Conversion A Better Alternative?

If you just want to create some useable storage space in your loft, boarding it professionally will be a wise decision. But if you want more from the loft, get in touch with a reputable company offering Loft Conversion in Haywards Heath. The experts will consider the space you have in the loft and craft a suitable design so that you don’t have to waste space under the eaves. A proper loft conversion can enhance the value of your property by almost 20%.

On the other hand, boarding the loft, is a form of home renovation which merely helps in adding more space to your property. The cost of having it will also be greater than the benefits you can reap. There is no use wasting your money to install lighting fixtures or storage if you can reap more benefits with a loft conversion. Whether you are planning to board your loft or convert it, get in touch with the right expert and they will let you know all the available options.

Why Choose Hocken Loft Company For Loft Conversion?

Hocken Loft Company specialises in creating new living space which can reflect your personality. They have almost 2 decades of experience in the field and have created a work ethic that has filtered to all employees. The lofts designed by them are both appealing and functional. Converting your loft will become easier with them by your side.

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