How to Increase Usable Space In Your Loft

How to Pick the Right Kind of Window for Your Loft Conversion Project

A loft conversion is one of the most popular and widely approved types of house extension project in Billingshurst and the surrounding areas. The homeowners of these areas often look for trusted loft conversion specialists to get the best service as per their requirements and within their budget.

However, while planning a loft conversion project for your home, you need to focus on various factors. Windows are one of the significant factors of every loft conversion project. You need to determine the right type of windows for your new room. Before that, you need to know how many options you can have for this.

Types of Windows You Can Have in Your Loft

Dormer Windows: They are simply the most common types of windows one can see in the typical British loft conversion projects. They look like a raised box peeking out of the original room to get a view of the outdoor. It has an individual roof structure and located vertically to the loft. It is a kind of roof window.

Gable-End Windows: Unlike the dormer windows, gable-end windows are installed horizontally in the room. They ensure the maximum entry of natural light and can offer you a wide view of the outside landscape. This is considered as the most impressive type of windows which can be used as a decorative feature of the room.

Skylights: These are another common type of windows you can see in most of the loft conversion projects in Cranleigh. As the name suggests, these windows are installed at the slope of the roof. They provide enough natural lights to the room and give it a fresh and bright look. They are located on the ceiling, so there is no way to occupy wall spaces. Hence, you can get more space with such kind of windows in your loft conversions.

How to Choose the Right One

The selection of the right type of windows should depend on a few factors.

  • The purpose of the room
  • The space availability
  • The type of conversion you want
  • The need for natural light inside the room
  • The regulations and approval for the conversion
  • Your budget and desire

Before you hire an expert of loft conversion in Billingshurst and ask for the pricing, you should do a bit of research about such extensions on your own. Know which type of extension is the most cost-effective option for you. You should also have some details about the types of windows you can have. The rest of the information can be passed to you by your loft conversion specialist. They will discuss your needs and budget with you before giving you the quote. These experts can also suggest you the right time of the window you should install in this new room.

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