Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Reasons for Hearing Common Noises in the Loft at Night

It not only happens in cinemas, especially horror movies, that homeowners hear weird sounds coming out of their loft at night. It is a very common noises in the loft at night that homeowners often experience in real life too.

Nothing can be more frightening than a sharp thud, bump, or hollow clack emanating somewhere in the middle of the night at your home. Though most of these sounds seem ghostly, there are far less ominous reasons for these noises. Often they come from your loft. When you hire a Loft Conversion Company in West Sussex, they will ensure that the installation will be flawless. However, there are some reasons for getting such abnormal sounds from your loft.Common Noises in the Loft at Night

Why Do You Hear Such Noises from Loft?

Improper Insulation and Ventilation

The most common reason for hearing noises from the loft is improper or lack of insulation. When the room is not correctly insulated, air passes through various sources. Besides, there can be night time contraction of building components that can create such weird sounds. You need proper insulation that will be effective in keeping these elements warmer in the night time and prevent the issues of shape-changing that causes such sounds. Proper ventilation also protects the elements from producing or receiving sounds that can create annoying ambiance at night in your home.

Animal Infestation

Rodents or other kinds of wildlife that make your loft their reliable nest can be the source of such noises. You will be amused to see that your loft can be a “sweet home” for animals like rats, squirrels, bats, and wasps. If the noise is created by animals, you should call for professional pest control experts. Improving the insulation of the loft can also be a great solution.

Audible Illusions

In many cases, the sound from the loft is not at all coming from that place. It is nothing but an audible illusion. The large open space helps a tiny sound amplify, and it often creates a noticeable sharp thud.

An expert in loft conversion projects will help you detect the cause of such sounds coming from the loft at night. They can inspect the insulation and ventilation matters to determine what is responsible for this.

A team of competent loft conversion experts can provide you with services that keep your loft perfectly insulated and avoid such noises.

Hocken Loft Company is a reputable name in the industry of loft conversions in West Sussex and adjoining areas. You can obtain flawless loft conversion and repairs services from our experts.

Please get in touch with us to know in detail about all our services.

Different Weather Conditions and Their Effects on Loft Conversions

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Different Weather Conditions and Their Effects on Loft Conversions

For a successful loft conversion to take place, weather conditions are essential. Several limitations bound any construction project. When you start construction, you’ll face hundreds of uncertainties on the way. The project may get stopped in the middle due to poor weather conditions. Raw material delivery may be delayed, or labour problems may crop up. Among the uncertain factors, poor weather conditions can be detrimental to the continuation of loft conversion projects. If the weather is not permissible, you might need to stop the construction.

As the saying goes – when there’s a will, there’s a way! The construction companies have found relevant ways to protect the loft conversion projects from the grips of bad weather conditions. For instance, to protect the construction from heavy rains, the companies generally construct a tin cover on the top of the loft. However, summers are usually the most suitable time for loft conversions. You don’t have to worry about the rains or the storms during summer.

Loft Conversions During Summer

Summers are the busiest time for the loft conversion experts. The majority of house owners prefer this season for expanding or any construction purposes. The scorching sun rays help the constructions to dry up quickly. Moreover, there are no extra costs involved in installing any protective covers of tin. Thus, the loft conversion takes very little time to get completed.

Loft Conversions During Winter

For loft conversions that are being constructed in the winters, a tin cover is essential. The construction companies also prefer using thick polyurethane sheet for covering the lofts where only a side of the roof has been removed. For people planning to make loft conversions for the summers, winter is the ideal time when the conversion can be done. If you’re unlucky enough to get snowfalls, then the loft conversion project might get hampered. However, apart from that, there are no probable risks that you might face during the construction of lofts in winters.

Loft Conversions During Monsoon

Monsoons are the worst time to opt for loft conversions. Until there’s an emergency, you should never opt for monsoon time for the loft conversions. During monsoons, your project will be affected by the rainfalls and the storms and winds. In such seasons, if you need to construct your loft, then tin coverings are necessary. The expenses for completing the project during monsoons are higher compared to any other seasons. That’s because the companies are required to take necessary precautions for the same.

The foremost priority that every construction company must keep in mind is to keep the area dry while the loft is being constructed.

If the same is not maintained, then there will be leaks after the completion of the project. However, no one can predict weather conditions. Although summers are an ideal time, however, there might be sudden extreme rainfalls during summers. If such a thing happens, the loft conversion needs to be stopped immediately.

With an experience of 18 years in loft conversion projects at Hocken Loft Company, our experts can guide you to the best time for loft conversion projects. Call our experts for detailed information on different types of lofts. Book with us and get efficient loft conversion services.

The Benefits of Loft Conversion at the Same Time as Your Neighbour

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The Benefits of Loft Conversion at the Same Time as Your Neighbour

Before beginning any construction or extension work within your property, you should wonder about its effect on your neighbours. The unending noise, mess and movement around the compound can upset them or create disputes. This is where you should consider the multiple benefits of carrying out construction work at the same time. As neighbours, you can plan your loft conversion together, availing help from reliable companies for loft conversion in Sussex.   


Advantages of Loft Conversion with your Neighbours


  1. Easy settlement on the party wall 

This is one of the significant sticking points while deciding to proceed with a loft conversion. You must obtain an agreement for a party wall between you and your neighbours. It is a document outlining the limitations of work allowed on the wall standing between the two properties. Without this, all work will remain incomplete. In case you both want to make modifications to this party wall, you have to be settled with an agreement. Consequently, the construction process can continue at full speed.  

  1. Discounts in the project 

Once you plan and share the loft conversion work with your neighbour, you can allocate the work to the same professional company. The same team will work on two projects/properties simultaneously. This way, you can avail of multiple discounts and benefits. If needed, speak to the surveyor and discuss the assignment. Any good company should focus on both properties equally, ensuring quality work and outcome.    

  1. Reduced disruption 

A primary concern after investing in a loft conversion project is the disruption it causes to the neighbours. The noise creates extreme trouble, as they get upset and frustrated over time. So, planning the work together helps maintain harmony and peace between both parties. Each one of you enjoy the satisfactory results that come with seamless loft conversion operations to make a home office.

  1. Increased success 

On reaching a shared agreement with your neighbour, the success of the project increases manifold. After building proper planning for the work, you can divide the cost of materials and other requirements together. Moreover, you can also consult each other about the design, pattern etc.  

  1. Increased efficiency 

When both neighbours start their loft conversion work together, they can consult and decide on the company before hiring one. After checking the brand and its reputation, you can assure quality construction services for your property.   

At Hocken Loft Company, we work with a team of loft conversion specialists with more than two decades of experience. From conception to completion, we customise designs to suit your requirements and budget. 


4 Unique Ways To Light Up Your New Loft Room

How to Increase Usable Space In Your Loft

4 Unique Ways To Light Up Your New Loft Room

If you are one of those homeowners who think that lofts are all about small and dark places, it’s high time you debunk the myth. One of the primary benefits of choosing an experienced company for a loft conversion is that they will let you choose from a wide variety of lighting options for this room. You can either include natural or artificial lights in the loft design according to your preference and budget. Look for loft conversion experts with years of industry presence as they know how to transform an unloved space into an additional room which you can use for various purposes.

Common Lighting Options For Your Loft Conversion

  • Skylights

If you are looking for a window option which will allow more natural light to enter the new room, skylights can be the best choice. The more natural light can enter the loft, it will look more spacious. Loft conversion experts West Sussex generally advise homeowners to position them over the vital areas of a room. Few of the common places where you can install skylights are the play area in your child’s bedroom or over the desk in your teenager’s bedroom.

  • Juliet Balconies

Want your guests to watch the romantic sunset or sunrise from the comfort of your loft bedroom? Juliet balconies can be one of the most romantic options. You can enjoy some of the most stunning views outside your property. It will also allow more natural light to enter your rooms and reduce your energy bills. For homeowners willing to create a magical night ambience in the Juliet balcony can decorate it with fairy lights.

  • Downlights

If you are looking for an artificial lighting option for your loft room, try downlights. They have become quite popular nowadays as they can easily complement other natural lighting options. They resemble miniature spotlights directing light downwards and creating a well-lit space. You can even use mirrors to make the room look brighter. They reflect the direct light around the room and make it look livelier even if you have a pale colour scheme.

  • LED Strip Lights

Experts at the loft company might advice you to include LED strip lights in the design if you have a tight budget. They offer the perfect blend of affordability and adventure. Irrespective of the size of your loft, you can enhance its appeal drastically with a few mounted LED strip lights. They are available in a wide variety colours so you can choose something bright for your child’s room. They can even be mounted behind furniture with ease.

Since there are so many natural and artificial lighting options for your loft room, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Hocken Loft Company.

Have A Top Floor Flat? Time For Loft Conversion In Cranleigh

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Have A Top Floor Flat? Time For Loft Conversion In Cranleigh

Almost all the housings in Cranleigh are flats, maisonettes or apartments. With limited space, numerous people have started living in apartments. The primary difference between living in a house and living in an apartment is that you have less possibility for a home extension when you choose the latter.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of maisonette owners and people living in top floor flats willing to add a loft conversion. If you are one of them, it’s time to get in touch with a reputable company offering loft conversion in Horsham. After all, converting the loft in your house is not as easy as it looks. You have to consider numerous factors to make the process hassle-free and affordable.

Is Your Property Leasehold? What Should You Do?

You have to first purchase the freehold to the existing loft or attic if your property is leasehold. It is mandatory to get the necessary permission from the freehold before you undertake any major work in the property if you don’t want to end up paying fines. People living in older flats like mansion block apartments with a share of the freehold should first check whether they own the freehold to the loft space. If not, they have to first purchase the freehold of the attic.

How To Create Roof Terrace During Loft Conversion?

Creating a roof terrace during loft conversion will become easier if you can choose an experienced company creating lofts in Southwater. Let their loft conversion experts know that you want to add a roof terrace and they will let you know whether you need planning permission. Sometimes, you also have to speak with your neighbours to ensure that they don’t have any objection. Planning permission might not be necessary if it is a straightforward build.

Know The Importance Of The Party Wall Agreements

Whether you have recently converted your house into a flat or living in a purpose-built mansion flat, a party wall agreement will be necessary before you start working on your loft conversion project Horsham. If there is a wall on a land with two owners, both of them should sign the agreement. It is your responsibility to inform your neighbours that you are carrying out some building work.

Choose The Right Loft Conversion Specialists

The best you can do to make loft conversion for your top floor flat easy is by getting in touch with an experienced company offering Loft Conversion in Cranleigh. Not only are they aware of the various issues which might crop up during loft conversion for a top floor flat or maisonette but also know how to handle those.

Time To Choose The Right Staircase For Your Loft Room

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Time To Choose The Right Staircase For Your Loft Room

The functionality of your loft room is largely dependent on the staircases. They are an integral part of every loft conversion project. Get in touch with a loft conversion specialist and he will let you know whether the available space complies with the building regulations. If you want the staircase to become an architectural feature in your house, choose bespoke loft conversion stairs. They are unique, stylish and let you utilise the space efficiently.

Know The Compliance

If you want your loft conversion to be a fully compliant habitual room, make sure there is a fixed staircase as the access point. It is a part of the building regulations. Two vital points you have to consider is its size and headroom. You have to follow some rules with regards to its width, height and steepness. Another vital thing to consider is how you can access the staircase from within the loft. Its location will impact the layout of the conversion and its final design.

If you are building fixed staircases, check how it will impact the floor below. You should also consider its fit, size, safety and accessibility. Get in touch with professionals offering loft conversion in Horsham to check the headroom if you are planning to fit it over an existing staircase. Not only do you have to deal with safety, design and accessibility issues when designing winding stairs but they are also subjected to additional restrictions.

Choose The Right Design

The success of your loft conversion staircase is largely dependent on the design. The type of staircase you are adding determines the success or failure of the conversion. Two vital things you have to consider when choosing the staircase design are the layout of the loft and the floor from where you fit the stairs. Double-check the design before the installation stage as a miscalculation can make the conversion non-compliant with regulations. It is always advisable to get in touch with a reputed company offering Loft conversion in Pulborough to design the staircase instead of trying a DIY.

Two Common Types Of Staircases For Your Loft Room

  • Space Saving Staircases

The primary objective of this style is to save space. It has an innovative design and requires only half the space of a traditional design. It has half of the tread cut away but there might be some additional regulations. Talk with the engineer or architect you have hired for Loft Conversion in West Sussex to ensure that the staircase complies with the building regulations.

  • Spiral Staircases

Want to add a mystical charm to your new loft room? Ask your loft conversion specialist to include spiral staircases and you can use it as a statement piece. To minimise its impact on the floor below the loft, you can fit it with the existing landings. If you feel that the staircase in your existing loft room is too steep or awkward, replace it with a spiral staircase.

These being said, it’s time you choose the right staircase for your loft conversion project.