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4 Unique Loft Designs You Will Definitely Love

Though you can choose from a wide variety of home extension, the demand for loft conversions is always quite high. It is one of the easiest ways you can add some extra space in your house without making major structural changes. How much additional space you will get is dependent on the style of the extension and type of house you live. When compared with other types of home extension services, loft conversion ensures minimal disruption. You can also choose from a wide variety of loft designs to match your home decor.

The Latest Loft Design Ideas Which Can Impress Anyone

  • Vertical Lofts

If you want to create a contemporary loft in your dilapidated residence, choose vertical lofts. They have gained much popularity in the last few years as it is one of the easiest ways you can rejuvenate, renovate and reinvent the space. The loft will have a series of areas which you can use in a wide variety of ways. You can even design and build a bespoke vertical loft which fits your requirements. If you want to build lofts Pulborough without walls, the focus of your architect will be on organising the space.

  • Contemporary Loft Apartment

Want to renovate your old office unit? Get in touch with professionals offering Loft Conversion in Billingshurst and ask them to design a contemporary loft apartment. They know the various ways an old office unit can be transformed into a beautiful home. You just have to stay prepared for some major structural changes in the space. As far as the loft design is concerned, it is advisable to go for the chic industrial look. You can create an outdoor verandah by getting rid of a few walls.

  • Three-Bedroom Loft

The three bedroom lofts have also gained much popularity in the last few years as you can use the bedrooms for a wide variety of purposes. An experienced loft conversion company will ensure that the transformation is both spectacular and functional. Choose industrial interior decor when designing the loft and make sure you include 1-2 bathrooms as well. Constructing a three-bedroom loft will be a wise idea only if your attic covers a total area of 3000 square feet or more. You can boost the appeal of the bedroom by including bold accents and vibrant colours in its interior design.

  • Tribeca Loft

The Tribeca Loft design is widely preferred by homeowners who want to transform their dull loft into a bold and colourful space.  You just have to stay prepared for some major changes in its structure. The best design for your Tribeca loft is the one which offers the perfect blend of industrial and classic influences and details. You can complement the colourful and cheerful decor with the cast-iron pillars. The new loft room can be used as a dining space, living room, library or office.


Time to choose one of the loft design ideas stated above and get in touch experienced professionals offering Loft Conversion in Burgess Hill.

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